Saturday, October 31, 2015

Miscelleanous Stuff!

It seems to be fairly traditional that Institutes have some kind of regular Friday activity. We hold ours in the evening starting at 7:03pm at the institute building. It is called SASWAFN. SAS means Soup And the Spirit. WAFN means Waffle Night. It always starts at 7:03pm, why? Don't know. It just does. So, we always eat either Soup or Waffles, and then have some activities or games.

Sister Gardner and Sister Bybee at SASWAFN.

TP Costume contest at SASWAFN.

Mafi & Falua, Twin sisters at SASWAFN.
Sister Watts and Sister Gardner.
Our opening fall activity was a Pizza Fest and Dance. It was a fun activity.
Before eating Pizza!

After everyone had been eating for a while!

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