Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Around South Central Alaska

Downtown Seward

This picture is from downtown Seward. This mountain is known as Marathon Mountain. Notice the pathways leading up the side. Every 4th of July, this is home to the Mt. Marathon Race. Runners leave downtown Seward and race up the mountainside and then back down on a different route. Elevation gain is a little over 3000' and the record time is about 42 minutes. Wow!
A couple of glaciers overlooking Resurrection Bay going South out of Seward.
This is how YSA Alaskans have a swimming party!
This is how YSA Alaskans warm up after swimming!
This is Virgin Creek Falls, on the outskirts of Girdwood. Very beautiful!

This is a Humpback Whale having some fun entertaining the tourists in Resurrection Bay, South of Seward. This took a lot of luck, being in the right place at the right time and snapping off the picture at the right instant and then having the subject positioned well in the picture.

Abby and Jenica in Downtown Seward
Dylan, Logan, and Kade posing with fish in Talkeetna. Smack!
Rebecca, Jenica, and Abby & Vicki hiking on Matinuska Glacier. The blue cast is for real.

Wow, look at those skipping rocks!

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