Thursday, July 9, 2015

June's Missionary Activities

Missionaries visiting for dinner on the 4th of July. Back Row, Elders Clark, Bailey, Russell, and Hinatsu. Front Row Sisters Bangerter and Moore, Elders Creighton and Pew.  Sister Mansfield was really missing family and was very happy  to cook for the missionaries!  I know she really wanted to make it "festive" but she restrained herself.

I enlisted the help of Elder Belmonte to cook waffles one Friday evening for SASWAFN. He is from the Philippines.  He has been having a bit of a challenge adjusting to the cooler climate.  He pretty much wore his coat everywhere when he got here in May. He has been "freezing" in this Alaska weather!
These are guests for my Birthday Dinner on June 7th. Elders Bailey, Hinatsu, Menlove, and Belmonte. Sweet and Sour Chicken was on the menu. These two companionships are assigned to the two YSA Wards here in Anchorage.  Three of them just got transferred and we will miss them, but are excited for the new one's.  
Occasionally one can see unusual things. Here is Elder Jacob (Mission Finances) Pres. Lambertson (Counselor in Mission Presidency) and Elder Mansfield (CES Missionary). Cougs standing tall!
A baptism in June, in the Anchorage YSA Ward. Nick Jenkins (right in white) was baptized on June 13th. He is in the military serving in one of the bases (Ft. Richardson I believe) here in Anchorage. The other one in white (left) is his friend who originally introduced him to the gospel while they were both stationed in Oklahoma. He came from Oklahoma to perform the baptism.
A picture of our most recent District (Klatt). Elders Kautai, Russell, Clark, Hinatsu (DL), Baily, & Uasike. Front row is Sisters Moore, Bangerter, Mansfield and Elder Mansfield. Transfer day was on July 7th and only 5 survived with Elder Russell going home and Uasike, Hinatsu, Kautai, and Sis. Bangerter getting transferred. 
This is the Branch Presidency of the Hmong branch and a couple of their Aaronic Priesthood Young Men. You may notice that the two counselors are missionaries. There is a story behind the matching ties, but we aren't really sure what it is.
Some attendees of our Missionary Prep. Class practicing teaching the Plan of Salvation to each other. We have really enjoyed teaching this class.  Several have received their calls and some have papers turned in and hopefully will know soon where they are going. Our average attendance has been about 25.  We only have four classes left this semester.  We will miss them.  

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