Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Missionary Moments

We finished up our spring institute class last week.  We only taught six lessons because of our arrival date.  We loved it and those who came.  This week the summer classes are starting.  We taught our first Mission Prep class last night.  We are so excited for this one.  We have 38 kids registered, but most of them are seniors and won't start coming until mid May after they graduate.  We did have 8 last night, 3 of them were seniors.  We are excited for the class to grow.  Classes end on August 6th.  I think we will be given several opportunities to fill in for other classes through the summer.  The other class we are teaching starts Thursday. It is The Gospel and the Productive Life.  We don't expect that one to be very big.

The LDSSA sponsored a showing of Meet The Mormons on campus last Saturday night.  We had not seen the movie so we were excited to go.  It was mostly institute kids who attended.  Loved the movie.

Sunday night we had an Institute Recognition Evening.  It was the first one that had been held for a while.  We had a lot of students receiving course completion certificates, several who were given advanced certificates and one graduate!  It was a great evening that we were happy to be a part of.

We attend our district meeting every Tuesday morning.  We attended lots of district meetings in the MTC.  It has been great to view these missionaries in the field.  Each companionship gives their area accountability report and receive input from others if they are struggling a bit.  There have been a couple of times when they specifically asked for our input on some things.  We love that meeting and the missionaries in our district.  For the most part they are working hard and doing great.

Still cooking!  Cookies before classes (hooray for Costco frozen cookie dough).  I don't know that I agree with serving cookies all the time but the students love it.  Friday night is always a big cooking night.  Last Friday was Waffle Night.  We had everything cleaned up  at 9:00 when a group showed up who had been to the temple.  They were hungry so we just brought everything back out and cooked more waffles.  They were very appreciative.

I am so excited for the warmer weather.  Everyone tells us how beautiful the summers are and we can't wait.  I am sad to have missed the Tulip Festival and all the spring blossoms.  I am sure summer will make up for it.  I am also liking the longer days.  Last night at 10:30 it wasn't quite dark yet.  I asked someone how they sleep with so much daylight and they said "you just go to bed and close your eyes".  Sounds easy enough!

A shout out to my Weight Watcher friends.  Hope you are all doing well.  Our schedule allows me to workout in the morning.  Fresh produce is rather expensive here.  We have been buying more frozen vegies than fresh ones.  I added salad to our soup nights at the institute.  I think they have all caught on that Sister Mansfield wants a little more than cookies and brownies.  It gets eaten every time!

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